A Shia Organization of greater Cincinnati, greater Dayton, and surrounding cities providing Imambargah services to Shia Muslim community.


Welcome to Dar-e-Zehra, a Shia Organization conducting Imambargah activities as service to greater Cincinnati, greater Dayton and surrounding cities in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana states.

Dar-e-Zehra means "the Door of Zehra", a reference to the beloved daughter of last prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon Him). The lineage of prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) survived through progeny of Fatima Zehra (a.s). The Organization adheres to the Shia tradition of Islam in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) and His family known as Ahl-ul-Bait, as declared by Allah (s.w.t.) in the holy Quran.

Organizational Focus

The main areas of focus of Dar-e-Zehra are to maintain own cultural and religious identity, provide essential religious services to the community, and cooperate and harmoniously coexist in greater community as true Americans. Shia community is part and parcel of the greater Muslim community in the region.

Dar-e-Zehra organizes all important Islamic events and religious services for the community. The organization does not have a dedicated Imambargah or mosque yet. For more information, please contact us through email or the web form available on Contact Us page. We are very prompt in responding to all emails.

Upcoming Program:

Dar-e-Zehra has arranged majalis to commemorate the anniversary of the events leading to the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a.s), his family, & his companions. Imam Hussain(a.s) was grandson of prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH), son of Fatima Zehra (a.s) & Imam Ali (a.s). Imam Hussain (a.s) stood fast against the tyrant Yazid, and sacrificed himself, his family members, and close companions. Because of this greatest sacrifice in annals of history, the religion of Islam survived. Muslims all around the World hold special gatherings to pay tribute to Imam Hussain (a.s) and his companions.

For details about the Muharram program, please contact us.